The arrival of November marks ten weeks since the start of my re-election campaign. In conversations with people over that time, I have focused on my council experience and results – not empty promises, slogans, or clichés. I’m proud of Eagan’s achievements during my time on the council and my part in helping to realize them. I’ve emphasized my local and regional leadership on behalf of Eagan and how fortunate we are to have an experienced and stable council and professional staff that act in the best interests of our residents and businesses.

An at-large election means having to reach out to more than 26,000 households in Eagan. I’ve walked a lot of miles throughout our city and have met many people in my door-to-door visits – some well-versed in Eagan’s history and others new to the community. They all have expressed appreciation for our city’s services and amenities. Thanks to those who have been receptive to visiting with me!

Over these past several weeks, I’ve gained renewed appreciation for the work of city founders in laying a framework for our community’s development. For those interested in an informative recap of these efforts, I recommend Becoming Eagan: The Making of a Community, 1972-2010. The book is about choices made by city leaders – reinforcing the importance of electing qualified, knowledgeable city council members.

Our council will face development and redevelopment choices that will shape our city’s future. I ask for voter support of my re-election on Tuesday to enable my continued council involvement in making good things happen for Eagan.

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