Our Rotary Club speaker this morning reminded us of the importance of volunteerism. We are fortunate to live in a city that values volunteerism and citizen engagement. This is particularly evident in Eagan Forward and the outcomes and successes achieved since the launch of this volunteer initiative.

Personally, I have found volunteer involvement in organizations such as The Open Door and Feed My Starving Children to be especially meaningful and rewarding, providing opportunities to help those in need locally as well as in other parts of the world. As a charter member of the Eagan Kick-Start Rotary Club, I have participated in volunteer activities that benefit our community and beyond.

This spirit of volunteerism extends to city council service. I represent Eagan on numerous regional boards and committees, including the Dakota Communications Center, Minnesota Valley Transit Authority, and Suburban Transit Association boards. In addition, I serve on the regional Transportation Advisory Board and the Metro Cities board, for which I am immediate past president.

As a council member, I will continue working to build and strengthen partnerships with other communities and counties, as these intergovernmental partnerships help improve the quality of our services and reduce costs.

I will remain committed to volunteerism to help improve our quality of life. As our Rotary speaker noted, “Service is the rent we pay for living in this world.”

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